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For Every Click We Plant A Tree

We love to help the greater good and plant a tree for every click you sent!

Predictive Analytics

Make use of our advanced algorithms to optimize your results. It's next level!

Earn Rewards 

By sending clicks via the registration hub tracker you can earn points which can be redeemed.


See All Clicks Real-Time.

With our useful mobile app you can keep track of everything in one glance!


This tracker is designed for 2020.

We had the best web designers put their hats together and create an interface like never before. Truly a work of art.


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Track all clicks for free for a whole month by signing up for the Trial! If you don't like it, you can cancel anytime. 

Customer stories

Jane Doe - Marketing specialist

I loved it since the first second that I started with it. Truly anamazing piece of software, a sight to behold.

Jane Doe - Paid advertiser

This literally doubled my revenues within a week, just by doing the basics! What power is left within I am wondering, 10/10!

Jane Doe - Data analyst

Absolutely fantastic work guys! I really like the predictive analytics, it helps me forecast my inventory and get back on top!

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If you don't think this tracker can be of added value, why don't you run a test first? For free! We find that over 95% of people trying it out see great benefits and continue to work with us.

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